Single Strategy Solutions

Get a smarter single strategy solution.

We can manage all, or part, of our clients’ assets. This level of flexibility gives them the freedom to focus on the parts of the portfolio, which they are already well-equipped to manage successfully.

Put simply, our clients decide how they want to work with us.

As some investors wish to outsource part of their investment strategy, we offer single strategy solutions.

Tailored to each client’s goals, outsourcing requirements and risk profile, we offer our clients several single strategy solutions: Absolute return, AAA Arbitrage, Global equities and SDG equities.

Absolute return solution is combining investment ideas from traditional fixed income with an absolute return overlay which significantly reduces interest rate risk and elevates the impact of the alpha generating strategies.

AAA Arbitrage solution is an actively managed startegy levering AAA-rated credit spreads between ultra-liquid Nordic covered bonds and government bonds/swaps. 

Global Equities solution provide investors with a cost-efficient exposure to international equities. The portfolio is diversified across countries, sectors and investment styles and tactical bets can be included with the purpose of enhancing returns or reducing risk. The portfolio contains regional ETF’s and is from time to time supplemented by ETF’s covering specific sector or styles. All ETF’s are selected carefully from an extensive universe, with the aim of reducing costs and tracking error.

SDG equities is a thematic approach to equity investing targeting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The investment process is derived from our approach to global equities seeking to outperform the global market as well as SDG specific benchmarks.