Our Clients

One size does not fit all

Every investor has specific goals, values, investment horizon and liquidity requirements which is why we tailor investment programs around individual needs. We believe standard, inflexible portfolio models should be consigned to the past.

We offer our services purely to professional investors/clients like pension funds, foundations, corporations, family offices and high net worth individuals

Working with us is easy as we prefer an open, honest and direct dialogue with the in-house staff of each client and their advisors.

So how do we work with our clients? Initially, we gain an in-depth insight into their objectives, strategy and appetite for risk. Once we have this knowledge as a base to build on, we craft a tailored solution and clearly defined objectives.

Together with each client we determine their risk profile, time horizon and investment targets which will turn into an individual investment strategy and asset allocation.

We provide solutions through carefully selected building blocks which provide the exposure to the most important asset classes. We report not only on each single asset class but can also provide consolidated reports covering total exposure and costs for each client. We accommodate any reporting frequency required by the clients and can provide direct data feeds into client specific IT systems.