John Arian Larsen

John is a dedicated, highly experienced trading specialist on Danish callable mortgage bonds/instruments. With his analytical and calm approach to financial markets and products, John’s unique combination of trading and portfolio management capabilities creates superior returns.

Prior to joining Petersen & Partners Investment Management John held a position as Senior Dealer at Danske Bank.

During his tenure at Danske Bank John gained extensive firsthand experience driving the value chain of a security market’s operation. John was responsible for implementing new financial products in the risk management systems of the bank. He developed and managed various IT systems including systems for calculating market values of repo-transactions, systems managing input and data feed of market data for numerous other systems.

As Senior Dealer on the DKK Callable Mortgage trading desk John developed an extensive knowledge of the DKK fixed income space and became an expert in identifying and investing in relative value opportunities within mortgage bonds. Besides quoting prices in Danish callable mortgage bonds and managing his own trading book John was also responsible for providing risk capacity for external clients across different market environments.

John holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Finance & Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School and is a certified securities trader.

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